Help and Faq

You must be logged in to shop. To place an order, you must follow the tracking.

1. Add the product you are looking at to your cart.

2. Check your "My Cart" service information. If there are any fields you want to make changes, update them.

3. Converting "BUY" to pay.

4. Select your address and billing address. You can enter a different address with the "Add New Address" option.

5. "Cargo delivery address is the same as the billing address." (E-Invoice taxpayer, your invoice will be sent through the system.)

6. If an invoice will be issued to a different address and person / institution; you need to remove the tick. In this case, at the start of the new address.

7. Complete the order, switch to the "Payment" page and select the payment type.

8. After confirming the "Distance Sale" and "Preliminary Information" acceptance agreements, finalize your order with the "COMPLETE ORDER" option.

You can find out the status of your order on the "My Order Information" page from the "My Account" menu.

If your order has not yet been shipped, you can change your billing information.

Yes, you can request to cancel any number of products.